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Franchising As the Second Act of your Career.

Franchising offers an enticing opportunity for professionals seeking a fulfilling second act in their careers. As with any significant life change, embarking on a new franchising journey requires careful planning and research beforehand. As an aspiring franchisee, one must consider their own skills, experiences and passions before choosing the right franchise opportunity to pursue as their second act.

Assessing Your Skills, Experiences And Personal Interests before diving into the vast world of franchising, it is essential to conduct a thorough self-assessment.

The first step is to identify the transferable skills and experiences you have gained throughout your professional career and life. Whether you are a seasoned executive or an industry specialist, finding a franchise that aligns with your expertise is not always necessary. Still, already having a strong understanding of a specific industry can pose a head-start for growing your business.

Conducting Thorough Research On Franchise Opportunities once you have a clear understanding of your skills and interests, it is time to explore the diverse range

of franchise opportunities available. Vet the various industries that exist, including healthcare, food and beverage, automotive, retail and more.

Developing A Comprehensive Business Plan And Strategy Strategic planning is the backbone of any successful business venture, and franchising is no exception.

Develop a comprehensive business plan outlining your goals, strategies and financial projections. Consider the initial investment costs, ongoing expenses and potential returns to assess the viability of the franchise opportunity.

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Teriyaki Madness and Benetrends Partner Up.

Teriyaki Madness, the fast-growing teriyaki shop concept in North America with over 130 units, is continuing its teriyaki love affair with Benetrends Financial, a trailblazer in the franchise financing industry. Through Benetrends’ Proprietary Franchise Funding Program, TMAD franchisees can now access $30 million in SBA funding, opening up boundless opportunities for expansion and franchisee success.

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Grease Monkey features in ranking of Top Brands for Multi-Unit Owners.

Grease Monkey, a flagship brand of FullSpeed Automotive, has been recognized

in Entrepreneur’s inaugural ranking of the Top Brands for Multi-Unit Owners. The ranking identifies brands with the most appeal for prospective franchisees interested in multi-unit ownership as well as existing franchisees looking to expand their portfolios. Grease Monkey was ranked number 69 out of 150.

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Summertime & Business: What Category is Right for YOU?

What is Your WHY?

It is worth your time to explore franchise business ownership. Franchises benefit the individual, and our economy. They account for an estimated $827 billion* to the US economy and will add 254,000 jobs in 2023.

Find out the business model, franchise category, finance options, and requirements needed that will be best suited for YOU.


 Take control and be your own boss.

 Find a business with scalable income opportunities.

 Improve your lifestyle, along with your family and community.

 Get out of the corporate grind, business travel, and not being appreciated for your true value.

Contact us to learn more. We will save you time, focus on your goals, your qualifications, and provide opportunities that you may or may not have considered.

*IFA Franchise Economy report

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