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Strong company culture can increase employee engagement.

With recent research showing that strong company culture can increase employee engagement by a stunning 72%, many business leaders are looking for ways to create robust and inclusive company culture to keep employees happy and fulfilled in their work. 

Here are a few tips for building a strong company culture, straight from the franchising industry:

Establish a mission statement.

Be clear about the values your company holds, and ensure they are shared by your franchise owners—or, in non-franchising companies’ cases, your teams across your organization. 

Communicate regularly.

Frequent and open communication is essential for building a strong culture. Keep franchisees or organizational teams informed about developments within the company, and encourage them to share updates about their own ventures and goals.

Develop training programs.

Franchise owners and their employees, just like employees in any business, need to understand the expectations and standards of the company.

Foster a supportive community.

Franchise owners and employees should always feel supported and connected to one another. Encourage sharing of information, experiences and resources.

Recognize and celebrate contributions.

A simple "thank you" or gift or reward can go a long way in boosting morale and building a sense of shared purpose. 

GYMGUYZ pursues Ohio Expansion

GYMGUYZ, the world’s largest in-home and on-site personal training franchise, has announced a newly signed agreement set to bring its services to the North Columbus area. The rapidly-growing brand also plans to expand deeper into Cleveland and Cincinnati, and just announced the addition of stretching services to its locations across the country. 

Read more:

Hyperlink Article to: GYMGUYZ Flexes Ohio Growth with Signed Agreement Set to Bring Services to North Columbus Area | International Franchise Association

Writing a Business Plan for Your Franchise

A business plan is an essential document for any business. It sets out what the business objectives and offerings are, how the business will operate from day to day, covers sales and marketing strategies, management and key personnel, and financial forecasts and goals. Having a clear plan helps to keep the business on track and moving forward, aids strategic decision making as the business grows, is a measure of success and is also a vital tool if the business is looking to secure funding.

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Hyperlink Article to: Writing A Franchise Business Plan: Ten Key Elements To Consider (

Summertime & Business: What Category is Right for YOU?

Summertime may be the peak business time when your business is related to outdoor activities, tourism, travel, package and mailing, or hospitality categories. Or it may be a quieter time for you to vacation, spend time with family, do some business planning, or enjoy the outdoors. When exploring franchising, the business category is important to understand. We focus on the various

categories and the “Business Model”. A sampling of what our consultation addresses:

 If this is a seasonal business, and if so, what is the peak season?

 Who are the customers, and do they come to you, or do you go to them?

 Who are your employees? High skilled, low skilled, and how many?

 How many hours is this business open?

 Was this industry affected by the pandemic and/or the financial recession? If so, how has the recovery been?

The franchise landscape is stronger than ever and constantly evolving as new trends emerge. The discovery process remains the same with our consultants representing all categories of franchise businesses. Schedule an initial consultation to find out more about what category may be the right fit for you and the qualifications required to step into the amazing opportunities of franchise business ownership!

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