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  • Aaron Cashdollar

Moving forward from Covid19

This marks the third anniversary of the global Covid-19 pandemic

and while many of us are keen to move forward, it’s important

for businesses to reflect on the takeaways and build on lessons

learned through our shared, global experiences.

Our local community connections really matter: Businesses

often have strong roots in the communities they serve and have

the ability to respond faster to community needs.

A network brings advantages: During the height of the

pandemic, our meetings went online, and we navigated illness

and limited staffing or no staffing across our network. We also

faced supply chain shortages in many areas at the same time as

we were inundated with production requests.

We became more innovative and creative: Business owners

have to be creative problem solvers. They’re magicians in many

ways. Sign manufacturers aren’t typically asked to create

protective equipment for frontline health workers, but our

franchisee Todd Helfer in Jacksonville, Fla., stepped up and

created sneeze guards, face masks and intubation boxes and

donated them to the Florida Mayo Clinic.

It gave us a collective sense of purpose: Our FASTSIGNS

franchisees faced the same day-to-day frustrations as their

customers. For businesses trying to stay afloat, banner flags,

window graphics and parking lot signs that read “open for

business” and “curbside pickup” kept the doors open and the

bills paid, and the signage reminded customers to value the

importance of keeping local communities alive.

Amplified efficiency: So much of our initial response to the

pandemic had to be reactive. But as we adjusted to the

immediate crisis, at FASTSIGNS we began to see a need for

tightening all around. We looked at costs, at staffing, at wages

and pricing. 

A final note is this — American businesses should be proud of our

shared resiliency. We know we were not alone in this collective

effort to come together, to work for a greater good, and we are

not alone in our shared understanding of what it means to be a


We Crunched 5 Years of Franchise Industry Data.

Here Are 4 Big Trends You Should Know About.

Franchising is full of numbers. Which numbers

really tell the story? If you're looking to buy a

franchise, you can easily drown yourself in data.

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Double-Digit Sales Growth for Always Best Care

Fuels Franchise Expansion in Multiple Markets

One of the leading senior care franchise systems in

the U.S. and Canada, Always Best Care Senior


announced that it achieved over 12% sales

growth in 2022, another double-digit year of

increased revenue for the company. This

momentum has fueled the brand’s franchise

development in the first quarter of 2023, with an

agreement signed by new franchisees in Calgary,

Alberta, as well as a new office opening in

Kingwood, Texas. 

Veterans in Franchising.

May is Military Appreciation Month to acknowledge those in and out of the

military. Many military anniversaries and events happen this month. The last

week is Memorial Day honoring the men and women who paid the ultimate

sacrifice while serving our country.

Veterans are well matched for franchise ownership due to their dedication, work

ethic, skill sets, and aptitude. VetFran is a program that began in 1991 to help

educate franchise companies and veterans about the opportunities of franchise

ownership. Their research found that franchisors have reported an astounding

97% of their veteran franchisees have proven to be a good fit as a franchisee.

THANK YOU to all the men and women who are serving or have served our

country! Please contact our office to find out more about veteran franchise


If you are considering Franchising to boost your portfolio, please reach out to us

(585) 802-0132

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