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Is it time to leave your job?

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Do you desire a more fulfilling and challenging career? Did the pandemic negatively affect your employment? Industry experts agree that franchising is booming.

In an article by Sean Hart, VP of Franchise Sales Development at American Family Care, he notes that franchisors were able to mobilize in a way that the independent businesses were not throughout the pandemic. When you are a franchise, you are a small business owner, but you’re part of a wider network, which means you have a vast array of support at your disposal. It comes in handy during a pandemic or any sort of crisis whether local or international.

He also points out that:

· Franchises have a reputation for being turnkey businesses

· Franchises have brand recognition

· Franchising allows a business owner to take less of a risk in starting the company,

and the consumer to take less financial risk in using the business.

As your franchise consultant, we are here to save you time as you navigate your way through the process. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or to find out more about franchises like American Family Care.

Why Personal Care Franchising is a Red Hot Opportunity

The world of personal care franchising is as deep as it is complex. Most simply: they exist in the business-to-consumer category and include any business models in which the franchisee provides goods and services in the care of others. The IFA states their prediction in annual Franchising Economic Outlook report that of a 3.1% increase in personal care franchise establishments, up to more than 117,000 total units. Check out which franchises topped the Entrepreneur’s 2022 Top Personal Care Franchises. Read Full Article HERE

Junk Removal Franchises that Offer Veteran Discounts

With remote work becoming the new normal due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we'll take a look at moving and junk removal franchises with veteran incentives as many Americans are looking to move to more affordable, or appealing locations, making moving and junk removal franchises a hot investment for 2022. Read more

The Franchise Buyer Profile

Franchise ownership continues to rise! Who are the people who choose to buy a franchise? The assumption is that it may only relate to their financial ability or the leader that would be a natural business owner. The common traits of franchise buyers fall into these SIX categories:

· Taking control and not dependent on an employer.

· Significant life transition such as a physical move to another state, military

separation, early retirement, or corporate downsizing.

· Portfolio diversification.

· The family business that can be scaled and passed on to future generations.

· The natural dreamer or entrepreneur that wants the structure and support to

launch their business.

· Funding opportunities available to start the franchise business.

If you fall into one of these categories, it is time for us to talk! Find out more about

options that would be best suited for you by requesting a quick consultation.


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