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  • Aaron Cashdollar

Buying a franchise is a significant commitment affecting you financially and routinely.


April 2023

Buying a franchise is a major commitment affecting you

financially as well as what you will do each day. The proper

assessments will help to decide if a franchise is right for you and

if so, what franchise model would be best suited for you.

Consider these factors:

The Cost of a Franchise.

A financial assessment is critical to determine your budget if you

qualify for funding, and what funding options are available to

you. We work with funding experts that specialize in funding

franchises. A franchise will often state the total investment range

needed which will include the estimated working capital needed

to get your business started.

Your Need for Income.

Do the research to verify the franchise will provide the income

you need and want. Do you have savings or another source of

income to support your household until the franchise becomes

profitable? Is one location sufficient to meet your income goals

or do you need multiple locations? This research is absolutely

critical and one of the significant benefits when exploring the

franchise model.

Your Abilities.

A personal assessment will help to evaluate what type of

business owner you want to be. We explore what business

model that is best suited for you based on your skill set.

Examples of this would be your role as an owner, any special skill

sets that may be required, your likes/dislikes, the quantity and

types of employees, and if a customer comes to you or you go to

the customer.

Whether you are a natural entrepreneur who has owned

multiple businesses or someone who wants to explore franchise

ownership for the first time, let us save you time and focus on

the right fit for you. We know how to franchise!

Being Proactive Vs Reactive.

With more financial stresses weighing on

businesses, the protection of a business’s

investments have become that much more

important. When neglected, payment will

deteriorate – causing astronomical repair costs and

significant liability risks. This proactive versus

the reactive approach allows owners and property

managers to treat pavement as a true asset.

EverLine Coatings also offers a Preventative

Pavement Maintenance Program to maximize the

ROI, while increasing the life of the asphalt up to

100% – doubling the lifetime value.

Drew Brees: Franchises are small biz, too...

Drew Brees has exited one arena (football) to enter

another. The retired signal caller, who won a Super

Bowl with the New Orleans Saints, works with the

International Franchise Association. “A major

benefit of being part of a franchise system is that

you have a support structure for whatever you

need, which is different from a mom-and-pop

operation where you’re on your own,” Brees tells

Axios. “You don’t have a support network to set you up for success.”

Franchising with a Purpose.

Purpose-driven businesses can be a motivating factor when it comes to deciding what franchise

business is best for you. All the reasons why you want to be a business owner fall into two main

motivating factors:

 Financial

 Lifestyle

The lifestyle reasons are often related to wanting to take control of your own destiny, making a difference, and giving back. This can be for your family, your community, or our world.

As we celebrate Earth Day this month, know that there are franchises that look for owners who are motivated by making a difference and giving back.

Let us help you navigate this process, understand what motivates you, and show you the franchise companies in alignment with your true purpose.

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