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  • Aaron Cashdollar

Always wanted to start your own business...Road to Success.

You have an idea and have always wanted to start your own business.

But when you start putting pen to paper you realize that there is a lot more to starting a business than

just a good idea and a dream. Logistics such as staffing, real estate, processes for actually producing

your goods and services, billing and accounting, and hundreds of other details go into running a

successful business.

The franchise model provides a proven system of operation, along with ongoing support from the

franchise corporate office and current franchisees. A consultant fee would be charged if you were doing

it on your own. In franchising, there is a franchise fee. But they stay with you! They’ve done the hard

part of figuring out how your company should run, best practices, real estate, vendor relationships, and

support systems.

Let’s face it: Franchises are a good idea with increased predictability and reduced risk. The selection and

process of discovery are what we are good at. We help find the right franchise for you! It’s JANUARY! Have you made a resolution to be in business for yourself in 2023? The franchise

model is meant to mitigate risk and offer support and systems to launch you into

entrepreneurship. But it takes time!

The road to franchise business ownership takes time to explore the right options for you. And

that is what we do…… and do well!:

 Funding options: we partner with funding experts that know and understand franchises.

What option is best for you is dependent on many factors. Contact us to get pre-

approval so you look at businesses that you can afford.

 Experience, history, success rate, risk factor, and support are just a few areas that we

help facilitate to ensure the fit is right. It is so much more than a business name.

 Do you qualify? Let us show you the franchise companies that you qualify for. Franchises

have requirements necessary for you to be approved to become their franchisee. Our

goal is to save you time, so you are reviewing companies where you meet their criteria.

Happy New Year. It’s time to contact us and let us help get you into business this year!

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