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All About Funding your Franchise

If you are serious about considering a franchise, two things you need to begin to do – in parallel to your searching for a franchise – are learning about how funding works, and then starting the process of securing financing for your franchise purchase. Just as you needed to get “pre-qualified” before you purchased your home, you need to do the same when purchasing a franchise.

It’s very important to do your homework and start early on. You want to have your funding in place when you are ready to decide on the franchise you want. Like any business venture, investing in a franchise requires funding to purchase the rights to operate as a franchise, lease equipment, secure inventory, grow the business and more. Most people don’t have the necessary amounts of funds just lying around.

Below are the top 10 funding sources for securing necessary capital to get you on the road to success with your franchise dream gathered by Franchise Gator. Read full article here

  1. Franchisor Financing Options

  2. Conventional Banks and Credit Unions

  3. Small Business Administration

  4. Business Partners

  5. Home Equities

  6. Borrowing from Friends and Neighbors

  7. Retirement Plans

  8. Stock Assets

  9. Crowdsourcing

  10. International Franchise Organization

We work closely with multiple resources that specialize in funding franchises. Contact our office to get pre-qualified so you know your budget and best funding options.


PostNet Named to Franchise Times Top 500 Rankings

PostNet, a global leader in high-quality printing and shipping solutions, has been named one of the largest franchise brands in the U.S. after earning placement on the Franchise Times Top 500 list. They were ranked 310 with estimated sales of $130.9 million.

“Being named to this list showcases how determined our leadership team and franchisees are to succeed,” said Bill McPherson, vice president of franchise development.“The future is bright for PostNet, and we will continue to evolve to meet the demands of both our customers and our franchise owners.” Read more



A Pet Care Franchise

with a Personalized Touch

In September of 2004, two neighbors and friends, Leslie Barron and Amy Reed, left their corporate jobs to pursue a career involving their love and passion for animals. The business eventually evolved into what Woofie’s is today: the first and only all-encompassing pet services franchise brand that includes pet sitting, dog walking and mobile pet grooming.

Woofie’s was recently acquired by Authority Brands in January of this year, and the acquisition has provided an expanded pool of resources from a much larger business to pull from. As Woofie’s looks to grow and expand throughout the U.S., they are looking for franchisees who are fellow pet lovers and have a knack for customer service and a commitment to continuously striving for excellence. Contact us for more details.


Gratitude in Your Professional Life

As Thanksgiving is upon us, is it possible to extend gratitude beyond our family gatherings to our entire day-to-day life? Can a job be more than a place of on-going transactions and duties? Unfortunately, not all jobs have an environment that supports appreciation and gratitude. But you can through business ownership.

Gratitude recognizes how positive experiences are often due to the efforts from other people, not oneself.

The franchise model is designed this way. Franchisees share their positive experiences and successes to elevate both franchisor and other franchisees. This relationship is so much more than transactional. Franchising has traits that combine on-going support, appreciation, teamwork, and gratitude.


Referrals are always appreciated! Feel free to share our contact information with others who may be looking into a franchise opportunity.

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