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A sound investment is in yourself.

Owning multiple franchise units can provide a launchpad to expand your business footprint and create a greater return on the investment over time if approached properly. Many franchisors offer multiple sub-brands under their franchise umbrella so franchisees can invest in multiple concepts under one larger franchise company.

Whether you want to start small by opening a second location or dive in and expand aggressively with a multi-unit purchase or development agreement, this can be a strategic play when you're aiming to increase your market share.

Owning Multiple Franchise Locations

When selecting a franchise brand to align with, it is important to ensure the organization has the proper accreditations, certifications and awards for the industry in which they operate. Whether it be automotive, healthcare or the restaurant industry, these accolades and national recognitions resonate within the marketplace and can help differentiate the brand from competitors and franchise brands in its space.

Choosing a brand that is already well-established in the market, has name recognition by consumers, and is certified in its field provides a pathway to success for new franchise owners and owners ready to expand.

Expanding Into New Markets

Locating a market where there is an identified need for the services your franchise offers gives you an opportunity to become the provider or servicer of choice in that area. By making an entry into a new territory where demand for your service is needed, you’re naturally able to establish a strong pipeline of clientele and staff.

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The Patch Boys Drywall Repair Expands in Texas

Over the last decade, The Patch Boys have become the go-to residential drywall and ceiling repair company for all homeowners. The brand’s forte is patching and repairing minor areas of unsightly or damaged drywall, sheetrock, and plaster. With this specialty, The Patch Boys is addressing the everyday wear and tear that larger construction companies do not tackle.

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McKinney Collin County’s Drywall Repair Experts Ensure Flawless Walls and Ceiling with Unbeatable Customer Service | International Franchise Association

Benetrends Financial, a trusted leader in small business and franchise financing, officially unveiled the launch of its highly anticipated QuickStart program. This exclusive, accelerated funding solution, delivered in partnership with Unsecured Funding Source (UFS), aims to empower entrepreneurs through flexible and streamlined loan offerings.

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Partnership with UFS | International Franchise Association

Independence = Freedom = Business Ownership

Independence and freedom through business ownership seems relevant this July as we

celebrate our country’s independence. When you own a business, you have the authority to make decisions, set your own goals, and choose the direction of your enterprise. The franchise model provides additional support to

mitigate risk and supports you every step of the way from start up to an established brand in your community. Independence and freedom can come through decision making, financial and growth opportunities, and your time.

Are you ready to bring more freedom and independence to you and your family? Contact us for a consultation to learn more about the requirements, funding opportunities to buy a franchise, and how you qualify.

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